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It’s hard to keep the secret of how wonderful a place Leduc is, so residents aren’t even trying. They’re happy to have visitors see their vibrant community and experience all the best parts of their home town. Residents of Leduc get the benefit of proximity to Edmonton yet keep the more rural feeling that makes the city so special. It’s no wonder that the word about Leduc is spreading across the province.

Leduc real estate is among the finest in the greater Edmonton area. From small homes to large estates, the homes for sale in Leduc will make any home buyer happy. If the big city simply won’t do, home buyers should check out the Leduc real estate to find out if there is a home for them here.

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The population of Leduc is approximately 25,000 residents and it is part of Edmonton’s Capital Region. Surrounded by lakes, forests and plains, Leduc is also quite a scenic city. Historically, the first settlers arrived in the area in the late 1800s and quietly grew over the following century based on oil and gas extraction and development. With the development of a major airport near Leduc, the city has seen economic growth and commercial development in that area. Today, Leduc is a thriving residential and commercial city that welcomes all.

Leduc is approximately 21 miles south of Edmonton and is adjacent to the Edmonton International Airport in the north. Major roads that intersect in Leduc include Highway 2, Highway 2A, Highway 39 and Highway 623. This fast growing city is benefiting from Edmonton’s expansion as people have been searching for suburban communities to move to. With so much to offer, Leduc is a great choice to visit or to stay a while.

Leduc is comprised of many different neighborhoods, all of which make excellent places to live. Notable neighborhoods include Deer Valley, West Haven, Lakeside Estates, Willow Park, South Park, Linsford Park, and Tribute, just to name a few. The schools in Leduc are highly regarded, and the community amenities also include a local newspaper, several radio stations and its own fire department and emergency management department. There are so many benefits to living in Leduc that residents don’t get in other similarly sized cities.

There are plenty of attractions and things to do in Leduc. Outdoor recreation is very popular, especially at city parks like William F. Lede Park, which sits on the banks of Telford Lake. Other parks include Notre Dame Park, K9 Off-leash Dog Park, Peace Park, Fred Johns Park, Corinthia Park, Rainbow Park, Elk Community Park and many more. The Leduc Golf and Country Club is another place where residents can enjoy the beauty of their town while playing their favorite game. Miles of trails run through Leduc as well for hiking, biking and jogging. Other attractions in Leduc include the Leduc Recreation Centre and the Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts.

For home buyers that look carefully at the options of homes for sale in Leduc and similar cities, it’s soon clear why Leduc is the winner. It’s stressful to look for a new home, but home buyers will not experience too many challenges when they choose Leduc real estate. That’s because there are enough varieties of homes for sale in Leduc to find a home that satisfies each home buyer’s needs.